Sunwal is a municipality in Nawalparasi District in the Lumbini Zone of southern Nepal. It was recently announced as a municipality combining two neighboring Village Development Committees; Sunwal and Swathi; of the district (by means of financial plan for the fiscal year 2011-2012 on July 16, 2011). At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 39846 people living in 8639 individual households. Swathi alone has population of 10629 with 2102 individual house holds.

Child Improvement Programme

Child health programme managers at the other administrative levels, such as the region, sub-region, and district, must understand the child survival problems in their area and the framework specified in the country’s strategic plan for child health. They must then plan to implement the selected interventions for child health in a way that will be effective in their administrative areas, manage that implementation on an ongoing basis, and periodically evaluate what has been achieved.

"Managing Programmes to Improve Child Health" is designed to give managers essential knowledge and skills that they can use to improve programme management. Many child health managers have backgrounds in medicine or nursing, and have never received training in programme management. It is assumed that they will pick up necessary skills, although this is often not the case. For this reason, training in key management concepts and skills is essential.