Sunwal is a municipality in Nawalparasi District in the Lumbini Zone of southern Nepal. It was recently announced as a municipality combining two neighboring Village Development Committees; Sunwal and Swathi; of the district (by means of financial plan for the fiscal year 2011-2012 on July 16, 2011). At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 39846 people living in 8639 individual households. Swathi alone has population of 10629 with 2102 individual house holds.

Education Programme

The main aim of basic education is to de
 velop the innate ability of each child
 through child centred education. Its main aim
 is to produce citizens who are loyal to the
 nation and democracy and aware of their responsibility towards the social and natural
 environment. Students are expected to be competent in communicating ideas,
 independent, hard working, health conscious and morally sound. More specifically, the
    objectives of basic education will be as follows:
 1.Develop positive attitude towards the norms and values of democracy and nation;
  2.Develop basic understanding of Nepalese history, society and cultural diversity;
  3.Develop basic knowledge and skill of languages (Mother tongue, Nepali, English) for
     personal expression and communication;
  4.Develop basic knowledge on Science, Mathematics, Environment, Health,
     Information Technology and life skill;
 5.Develop personal and social etiquettes like cooperation, discipline, morality, social
    etiquette, helpfulness and honesty;